Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Building 21st Century Professional Learning Communities

So I finally convinced my principal to kick around the idea of eliminating mandatory weekly dept. meetings (part of taking time out of the day to become a Professional Learning Community or PLC) as they are just unnecessary.  Between the fact that things in a school system are just not dynamic enough to justify the quantity of meetings combined with the fact that most teachers have no clue how to run a meeting efficiently it is a huge time suck.  My proposal was to first teach teachers how to engage in 21st century learning by showing them how they can collaborate with the global community of educators and convince them there was something in it for them.  Second, give them PLC time to interact with that global community of educators either by learning or contributing on a weekly basis.  How cool could that be?  Teachers across the world being given time for nurturing the global community of educators?  We will need to see where this goes!

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